CPG Soft´s main asset is our clients business accumulated knowledge.


CPG Soft´s main asset is our clients business accumulated knowledge.
Such knowledge is in our staff (consultants, developers, support, etc).
Our Training Department is in charge of updating and transferring this knowledge.

We offer our clients:

  • Training, installation and configuration certification of supported platforms (aimed at IT staff).
  • Training and certification of suites functionality and configuration (aimed at “Key Users” and clients top level support staff).
  • Training in data structure (ODS- Open Data Source) and CPG Suite´s integration architecture with Legacy systems (aimed at clients analysts and programmers that participate as counterpart, in interface programming and design).

We offer our business partners that support CPG Suite´s implementation and marketing:

  • In the Marketing area: training in pre-sale tasks, configuration and proposal making.
  • In the technological and functional area, courses with the same level as those available to clients (1, 2 and 3) are offered, besides the “workshop” type training.

At internal level, for CPG Soft´s staff and business alliances, we develop infrastructure and software training and updating courses (GeneXus, Java, database managing, WEB environment, etc), functional courses to train consultants, updating new versions courses, etc.

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Why CPG Soft?

Knowledge, experience and focus in the resolution of critical business processes in Sales, Distribution and Logistic areas.
A successful solution to solve the revenue cycle in companies that distribute and commercialize consumer products.

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