Training, Consulting, Support.


CPG Soft´s services to clients and partners are basically three.


CPG Soft´s training department is formed by a staff with experience in consulting and teaching.
A staff that understands the business processes and the best practices in the Consumer Product Industry.
CPG Soft offers direct training to all its clients and partners, at their facilities or at CPG Soft offices in Montevideo.


Our commitment in each project is complete and comprehensive, and we do not know failure.
CPG Soft consulting enables you to transform new economy opportunities into income-producing advantages for your business. CPG Soft consultants know the business for more than 18 years and will help you take profit out of it.
You will benefit from our consulting advice focused on Sales, Distribution and Logistics and each of the stages of the complete solution cycle with CPG Suite. This advice is not limited to information technology: It is about improving your business strategy in general and including the best practices in CPG.


CPG Suite functions a hundred percent with CPG Soft support service help.
This service, furnished by CPG Soft, guarantees optimum system yield and optimum use of resources.
CPG Suite experts advice you in the election and usage of support structures and processes that best suit your company. With remote verifications, the support service continues to be available thanks to help desk services, online follow-up, remote maintenance and assistance in your facilities. CPG Soft opens your path to the future helping you find the critical processes, plan resources and update new versions and technologies.

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Why CPG Soft?

Knowledge, experience and focus in the resolution of critical business processes in Sales, Distribution and Logistic areas.
A successful solution to solve the revenue cycle in companies that distribute and commercialize consumer products.

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