CPG Mobile

PDA Technology to manage the commercialization and distribution processes in a decentralized form.

CPG Mobile

CPG Mobile handles sales and distribution processes with PDA (hand held computers) terminals support.
Using PDA technology, CPG Mobile enables pre-sale and DTS information to be drawn and processed at point-of-sale (client’s store) level. For pre-sale process it assists both the activity of the pre-salesmen and the deliverers.

CPG Mobile

Work offline if there is no coverage in that area, where there is coverage can transmit orders via 3G, 4G or WIFI.

The system is cross-platform, today oriented devices with Android OS mostly.

Standard functionality.

  • Beginning of the day.
  • Communications with Central System (message handling).
  • Entry of reasons for Not Visiting.
  • Entry of reasons for Not Purchasing.
  • Substitute products replacement.
  • Credits and Consignments.
  • Suggested Order calculation.
  • Client´s inventory.
  • Client’s operational requests.
  • Screen queries.
  • Market surveys.
  • Packaging management (pre-sale – sale – loans).
  • Pre-sale order entry.
  • Sales policy application (prices, sale promotions, discounts).
  • Entry of Supervisor’s authorization code.
  • Pre-sale order taking ticket printing.
  • Collection / payment receipt printing.
  • Product delivery.
  • Invoicing.
  • Sale document printing (package loan agreement, package sale invoice, package loan closing document, consignment agreement, consignment closing invoice, product return, sale invoice).
  • Rejection, increase or decrease reasons management.
  • Day closing / Reports.
  • Inventory quadrature in Warehouse.
  • Modulated and flexible data structure for downloading and uploading in routes.
  • Route (frequency, sequence), collection, credit authorization, cheque validation.
  • Complete integration with CPG Premium.
  • Truck Inventory (products, packaging, POP,…).
  • Price Lists.
  • Sales and Price Policies (sale promotions, discounts).
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Why CPG Soft?

Knowledge, experience and focus in the resolution of critical business processes in Sales, Distribution and Logistic areas.
A successful solution to solve the revenue cycle in companies that distribute and commercialize consumer products.

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