CPG Suite

Process optimization, increased sales and reduced costs in the distribution chain.

CPG Suite

CPG Suite is designed for global and centralized applications, ideal support for operations management on multiple countries. With 3 Tier, J2EE compatible, “FULL WEB” user interface for Intranet / Internet, CPG Suite guarantees high scalability and optimum bandwidth utilization.

CPG Suite consists of the following modules:

CPG GoSales

It’s a full web transactional software that enables the sales and distributor’s routes management in real time.

CPG Premium

CPG PremiumIt’s a full web transactional software that provides integral solutions for the company’s revenue cycles management when attended with their own sales force.

CPG Mobile

CPG Mobile PDA Technology to manage the commercialization and distribution processes in a decentralized form, either online or offline.

CPG Suite that solves and optimizes the following processes:

  • Pre-sale for Retailers and Direct Sale with HHC, Organized Trade (Supermarkets), Wholesaling, Distributors and Mono distributors.
  • Order and Sales Management (Routing, route re-engineering,…), Comprehensive Route Management (Enquiries, Key Performance Indexes, Score Cards, etc.), Flexible Sale Policies (Discounts, promotions,…) Stock allocations, Inventories Management (Lots, Location,..), goods in transport, Truck Tracking.
  • Dispatch and Distribution.
  • Accounts Receivable and all that is needed to optimize the Distribution Supply Chain (Primary and Secondary).
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Why CPG Soft?

Knowledge, experience and focus in the resolution of critical business processes in Sales, Distribution and Logistic areas.
A successful solution to solve the revenue cycle in companies that distribute and commercialize consumer products.

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