CPG Soft

Provide a vertical solution in the areas of Sales, Distribution and Logistics distribution companies of consumer products.


Our mission is to supply a vertical solution in the areas of Sales, Distribution and Logistics for companies that distribute mass consumption products. It intends to provide its clients, by means of technology solutions, information and organization, competitive advantages that enable them to assume leading positions in their respective activity fields.

Our Clients are medium and large sized companies, consumer products distributors: Drinks, Food (perishable and non perishable), Pharmaceutical and any business with complex distribution.. These products, favor business needs and for that, they adopt the best practices in Sales and Distribution.

Strengths of CPG Soft


CPG Soft continuous strategy to delimit and approach functional scope of our product to the business of Sales and Distribution for mass consumption industries, has enable us to develop a specific solution for the value chain of our potential clients.


CPG PREMIUM is a niche transactional software with comprehensive functionality scope for Sales, Distribution and Logistics business processes for companies that distribute mass consumption products.
Our permanency as a company in the market has also been the result of the technological capacity (development tools and constant investigation) of CPG Soft to continuous update product technology. In fact, in the last 20 years, we were able to release new technological versions (AS/400, Client/Server, Full WEB, Mobile) following IT industry standards and at the same time the performance and reliability goals of our clients.

Integration Facilities

The integration architecture of CPG Soft products with other systems is one of the strengths of our software. In fact, CPG PREMIUM event driven design, enables a flexible and reliable interaction with ERP, Legacy systems, etc., allowing for instance, the online interaction of CPG PREMIUM with third party accounts receivables or inventory modules; all this is configurable.


Our permanent contact with the market, through prospects and clients of different industries and our own research , has allowed us to continuous enhance of product functionality and additionally to incorporate new modules applicable to S&D business (some developed by our software factory and others through strategic alliances with third part companies).

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Why CPG Soft?

Knowledge, experience and focus in the resolution of critical business processes in Sales, Distribution and Logistic areas.
A successful solution to solve the revenue cycle in companies that distribute and commercialize consumer products.

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